Mind and its Place in the World

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Author: Alexander Batthyany, Avshalom Elitzur (Eds.)

Alexander Batthyany, Avshalom Elitzur (Eds.)

Mind and its Place in the World

Non-Reductionist Approaches to the Ontology of Consciousness

What is mind? What is its relationship to the physical world? Is consciousness a causative agent in the physical world? With much progress being made in the neurosciences, many have thought that these questions could be answered by reducing them to questions about physical systems such as the brain. But this approach has foundered on the core problem of consciousness: Why is it that some brain processes are accompanied by conscious awareness? This anthology points out new sources and unexamined paths of consciousness research. By presenting a wide spectrum of non-reductive theories, the volume endeavours to overcome the dichotomy between dualism and monism that keeps plaguing the debate in favour of new and more differentiated positions.
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