Philosopy of Science Home Exam 2015

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Author: Avshalom Elitzur

Home Examination for the course
“Philosophy of Science” 2015

A. C. Elitzur


1. By Feinberg's rules, only English is permitted.

  1. Type a Word document (no PDF!).
    Size: A4. Margins: moderate. Font: Times New Roman 12. Line spacing: 1.5. Leave 6 pt. space after paragraph (no empty lines please).
    (Better just download this template:

3. Put page numbers on top or bottom.

4. Write your name and ID on the first page's upper left margin.

5. The entire work should be no less than 12 pages.

6. Give appropriate references (page numbers and, when necessary, brief quotations) to papers you refer to.

Your answers are expected to reflect three inputs: i) good understanding of the assigned reading texts, ii) the course’s lectures and discussions, as well as the course’s presentations (available here:, and, iii) your own thinking. Additional sources which you have read would be most welcome.

Your work will be judged by: i) Erudition (knowledge of the course’s material as well as other sources), ii) originality (critical and independent thinking) and iii) clarity (e.g., poor English will affect your grade, so kindly proofread your work as if you submit a paper to a nasty referee).

To comply with the rules about grades’ average, fulfilling 100% of the task earns you 90. For less, brief comments will be made on the relevant flow(s). The uppermost 91-100 are preserved for outstanding works in terms of originality and/or labor. Judgment is admittedly subjective in this matter, so whining on these 10 points is strongly not advised.

Deadline: . E-mail your work to

Assignment A

Read the following article by Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier.
and the critique by Simon Silver

Consult i) Popper and ii) Kuhn on scientific progress (their Wikipedia sources are good enough for refreshing your memory on discussions in class).

The Question: What is your own opinion on Montagnier's claims?

Assignment B

Read either one or both of the following two presentations on teaching thermodynamic.

You may also consult the course's two lectures on the topic:

The Question: What is your opinion from the student's viewpoint? Discuss the difficulties in explaining and using entropy measures. Do not shy away from criticizing my own approach.



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