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רביעי 1 למאי, 2019 · דקת קריאה

Author: Avshalom Elitzur


Yakir Aharonov – my PhD advisor. What a man! What a privilege!

Old and New Concepts of Physics – a unique journal: Even a paper that the referee advises rejecting may be published alongside with the referee reports. My role on its editorial board is mainly that of “the bad guy” guarding against crackpots.

Lucian Hardy – A true genius and dear friend.

Harald Atmanspacher – A most inspiring polymath.

Metod Saniga – A bold researcher of time.

Oded Maler – Imaginative system theorist & system biologist. Member, inter alia, of "Charlatans Sans Frontieres" (sheer neputism: he is the president!)

Doron Lancet – passionately seeks the origin of life, President of ILASOL.

Doron Zeilberger – an imaginative mathematician.


Craig Kielburger – The hero boy now a hero man, fights for children’s rights worldwide.

Shirin Ebadi – Khoda negahdar a shoma bashad! (Farsi)

Patch Adams – Dr. Laughter

Jane Goodall – I once confessed to her that I am in love with her just as I was when I first read her book at age 16. She didn't comment on that.

Leonardo - A sobering look: How not to make his mistakes.


Breathtaking erotic art

Human beauty:

Useful curses

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